Dershowitz– ‘Jews should never apologise for Jewish power’

The Ugly Truth

ed note–and remember, this is the same ‘Jewish power’ that–according to the various henchmen and groups around the world including ADL, WJC, American Jewish Committee, SPLC, etc working in the service of Judea, Inc–that does not exist, which is the focus of ridicule and the impetus behind people losing their jobs/going to prison when they talk about it in the same manner as Dershowitz is here.

As we point out here regularly, Judaism in all its forms and going all the way back to the book of Genesis is a mental illness and the sooner that the rest of the sane, civilized world gets around to the business of diagnosing it as such instead of giving it a place of undeserved respect at the table of other viable/valuable philosophies/religions, the better off the world will be.

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Don’t You Feel Let Down?

News For The Blind

With …

  • prominent Truth-tellers, who can’t seem to even grasp the very basics of the jew deception and fall for the jewish trickery time and time again. (Putin is the good guy, Trump is our man, Sandy Hook shooting really happened, etc). These are people who we looked up to. Authors, radio hosts, political analysts, eminent writers – all of them have demonstrably failed us. Anything they say from now on just cannot be trusted.
  • the politicians, MPs, local councilors. These are the people we have entrusted. They promised us, yet lied…and lied and lied and lied. These are people who are supposed to be responsible for our society. But every single one of them has let us down – again and again and again.
  • doctors whose role in life is to actually make people better. These are people who should play a…

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48 Percent Of U.S. Billionaires Are Jews

News For The Blind

Jewish Americans are the most powerful and influential ethnic group in America. Jewish Americans make up 2 percent of the U.S. population yet comprise 40 percent of U.S. billionaires.

18% of jewish households have a net worth of $1 million or more. More than 55% of all Jewish Adults received a college degree and 25% earned a graduate degree.

More than 60% of all employed Jews are in one of the three highest status job categories: professional or technical (41%), management and executive (13%) and business and finance (7%).
Over 45% of large gifts made to charity are made by Jewish Americans. Over 50% of Jewish Americans live in just four states: New York, New Jersey, Florida and California.

Jewish Billionaires

Lawrence Ellison

Net Worth:$25.0 billion

Sheldon Adelson

Net Worth:$20.5 billion

Sergey Brin

Net Worth:$18.7 billion

Larry Page

Net Worth:$18.6 billion

Michael Dell

Net Worth $17.2 billion

Steve Ballmer


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israel to Jail Children as Young as 12 for `Terror Offenses` which includes throwing stones

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Israel to Jail Children as Young as 12 for `Terror Offenses`

Settlers throwing stones at Palestinian homes in Hebron, soldiers look on – YouTube
Israeli lawmakers approved a new law allowing the imprisonment of Palestinian children.

Israeli lawmakers have passed a new law that will jail children as young as 12 who are convicted of “terrorist offenses,” including murder or manslaughter.

The “Youth Bill” was approved in the wake of repeated attacks by young Palestinians, with a statement from parliament saying the incidents warranted “a more aggressive approach, including toward minors.”

Israel Illegaly Holds 182 Palestinian Children in Jails

Israeli authorities will now be able to imprison a minor convicted of serious crimes such as murder, attempted murder or manslaughter even if they are under 14, the statement said.

“Rather than sending them to prison, Israel would be better off sending them to…

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Ex-Jewish banker Pedro Pablo Kuczynski sworn in as Peruvian president (NOT GOOD)

News For The Blind

LIMA, Peru (AFP) — Former Wall Street banker Pedro Pablo Kuczynski was inaugurated as Peru’s new president Thursday, vowing to kick-start the economy and unite a country torn by a photo-finish election.

The 77-year-old center-right economist extended an olive branch to defeated rival Keiko Fujimori’s party, which controls Congress, saying he would need their help to pass reforms.

And he promised to work for all Peruvians, outlining his vision for a “social revolution” in his inaugural address before Congress.

“I will seek equity, equality and fraternity among all Peruvians,” he said, vowing “not just economic, but human growth.”

The normally staid Kuczynski, who is known as a technocrat with a polished resume, choked up as he took the oath of office, then donned his new red-and-white presidential sash over his pinstriped suit.

Peru is one of Latin America’s fastest-growing economies, but growth slowed under outgoing leftist president Ollanta Humala, from…

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