Western colonialist policies prevent solving crisis in Syria

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Created on Sunday, 21 June 2015 09:29

It has been crystal clear, from the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, that the Western colonialist policies have prolonged the crisis in Syria and increased the suffering of Syrian people.

The UN convention has no longer become the document which governs its role in today’s world.

One of the most important breaches of the UN convention is the western polices which have prevented  finding a just solution for the Palestinian cause and the crisis in Syria which is mainly caused by the intervention of Israel, western countries and their regional and Arab tools in Syria’s domestic affairs. Those western countries adopt devilish ways to interpret the UN charter’s context and to impose a distorted explanation of it to serve their colonialist interests. In this case, the aggression on Syria becomes justified, despite the fact that the Convention bans using the UN…

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