The Jewish Debasing Of American Culture

News For The Blind

MURRAY ROTHSTEIN WAS BORN TO JEWISH PARENTS in 1923 in the state of Massachusetts. He now goes by the name, “Sumner Redstone.”

Murray Rothstein owns Viacom, a Media Corporation with subsidiaries such as, MTV, the Homosexual TV show, LOGO, and Paramount Pictures.

When Murray Rothstein puts on a video at his MTV subsidiary with blacks rapping such lyrics as: “Hey yo, I smoke dust and shoot cops, sell drugs on new lots, we dust brothers f**k mothers.”

I don’t think that Sumner Redstone, that is Murray Rothstien, really “grooves” into it. It’s for the Goys you know, and he’s making a killing on the dumb Goys who have been conditioned by MTV and all of the Jewish-controlled media to despise anything that remotely resembles Christian morality.

As for Murray’s homosexual show, LOGO, don’t think for a minute that if his son brought a boyfriend-lover home for dinner that…

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