Egypt’s zionist jew al-Sisi invites israel to bomb Gaza again on the pretext of ISIS

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Zionist Sisi Asking Israel to Bomb Gaza Again

Egyptian sources tells Zionist media that if ISIS conquest of Sinai spreads to Gaza, Zionist puppet Sisi may want Nazi regime to crack down on the enclave.

An Egyptian source has revealed that if after launching a brutal attack in Sinai the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group approaches Gaza, Zionist puppet Abdel Fattah al-Sisi may “invite” the Nazi army to strike it.

The source, who is “familiar with Egypt’s decision-making process,” told Haaretz on Thursday that Sisi may give the green light given that Gaza falls under Nazi responsibility.

“The two armies may already be coordinating in preparation for such a possibility,” revealed the source. “The Egyptian problem is that a military campaign inside Gaza could lead to breaking down the fences and a mass flight of civilians from Gaza to Sinai.”

The statement comes after Sinai Province, ISIS’s affiliate in the region…

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