Obama’s Cabinet is 70% Jewish Plus Other 30% Consist of Non-Whites

News For The Blind


Department of State

Secretary-designate: Hillary R. Clinton (1/4 Jew)

Department of the Treasury

Secretary-designate: Timothy F. Geithner (Jew)

Department of Defense

Secretary: Robert M. Gates (Jew)

Department of Justice

Attorney General-designate: Eric H. Holder (Token Negro)

Department of the Interior

Secretary-designate: Ken L. Salazar (Jew)

Department of Agriculture

Secretary-designate: Tom J. Vilsack (Christian Zionist and a Crypto Jew)

Department of Labor

Secretary-designate: Hilda L. Solis (Wetback)

Department of Health and Human Services

Secretary-designate: Tom A. Daschle (Crypto Jew)

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Secretary-designate: Shaun Donovan (Jew)

Department of Transportation

Secretary-designate: Ray H. LaHood (Arab)

Department of Energy

Secretary-designate: Steven Chu (Chinese)

Department of Education

Secretary-designate: Arne Duncan (Crypto Jew)

Department of Veterans Affairs

Secretary-designate: Eric K. Shinseki (Chinese)

Department of Homeland Security

Secretary-designate: Janet Napolitano (Jewess)


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