VIDEO: Israel’s Long-Term Goal Is To Exterminate Palestinian Population By Genocide

News For The Blind

In launching Operation Protective Edge, Israel has stated it has a goal of achieving “sustained calm in the region.” To achieve this, they maintained, they needed to destroy the tunnels” and do anything required to protect Israeli citizens.

It is hard to reconcile the destruction of over 134 factories in Gaza (and counting) with sustained calm in the region. A Palestinian Union said recently that Israel’s attacks have caused

“Severe damage to an already fragile industrial sector. The union of Palestinian industries said that most factories stopped operations for over 30 days, with reported losses of at least $70 million. Over 30,000 workers were made redundant due to the closures. “The Israeli war machine deliberately destroyed the infrastructure of the Palestinian national economy by targeting factories which posed no security threat to the occupation,” the union said. The industrial sector had already suffered major damage during previous Israeli…

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