Biden: Jewish leaders helped gay marriage succeed


What further proof do we as Americans need that the jews push on with their satanic agenda, this time in the Western World just as they had done with Germany during the Weimar Republic era before Adolf Hitler cleaned up all the filth! Hitler was right and we have woken up to this truth, and soon so will all Americans!I will also provide a quick link to a video entitled ‘Babylon Before Hilter’ and this is referring to Berlin, which was the Babylon (an extremely degenerate city in ancient Mesopotamia with a high percentage of jews, seeing that is where jews [not Hebrews & Israelites] originated from) of its time in jewish dominated Weimar Germany.

Babylon before Hitler… Proof that Hitler was not evil.


Biden: Jewish leaders helped gay marriage succeed

Jewish leaders in the media are in large part responsible for American acceptance of gay marriage…

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