israeli spy admits: we encouraged “anti-Semitic” conspiracy theories

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Israeli spy admits: we encouraged anti-Semitic conspiracy theories

Asa WinstanleyAsa Winstanley

Books by former intelligence, military and political leaders are frequently tedious and self-serving. Obsessed with securing their own legacy, and proving how right they were about some long-standing grudge or another, such volumes rarely make for much of an enlightening read.

One such book I probably will subject myself to, however, is titled Periphery by the former Israeli spy Yossi Alpher. For all the tediousness one has to wade through in such propagandising dross, there are sometimes a few nuggets of insight – usually given away unintentionally.

Alpher is a former military intelligence officer. Periphery, released earlier this year, is his account of years of desperate Israeli efforts for allies in a region it is inherently alienated from, due to its long record of military aggression against neighbouring countries, the 67-year-long military occupation and dispossession of the Palestinian people.

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