israel’s IDF monitoring social media posts for dissent

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by Haaretz

IDF monitoring Israeli social media posts for keywords, says +972

Online magazine gathers testimony from employees at several Israeli high tech companies who say their firms are collaborating with the army.

The Israeli army has enlisted Israeli Internet companies to monitor social media for trigger words, according to liberal website +972 Magazine.

An unnamed former employee of one Israeli company told +972 that the firm is involved in security-based projects.

“They work with the technology branch of Israeli intelligence… they provide information in Arabic on protests or conversations that include trigger words,” said the ex-employee. “The same goes for Hebrew, of course, including information on geographical location of the users, but I am not sure just how far it extends.”

The source said that army officers entered the company where the person used to work asking to monitor the company’s systems. The officers also asked for the…

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