Daesh helping israel conceal fact that their origins are based on myths

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Daesh helps Israel conceal historical origin

This article was posted (Ashraf62)
on Ma
rch 24, 2015 ~ before the Russian military  intervention in Syria
(submitted by ‘The Old Sniper‘ for WarPress.info on 8/1/2016)

Once the true story of the Captivity and the Arabian origin of the Israelite tribe are exposed, the whole Zionist project could crumble under the power of the historical truth.
A body of high profile anthropologists and historians trace the Israelite tribe back to their Arabian origin in Northen Yemen. One of their amazing evidence-based findings is that Jerusalem is originally called Dar Salam/ safe house that is located near mountain Zion in Northern Yemen.
Among those tribes were the Israelites (thieves and thugs from the very beginning).
The Old Sniper

The so called Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has started losing ground. While the…

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