Millions Unfriend Facebook

Dual passport holder, Israeli-American Mark Zuckerberg, whilst cracking down on pro-ethnic European posts, offers free internet access to millions of illegal immigrants.

News For The Blind

When Princeton researchers published a paper asserting that by 2017 Facebook would lose 80% of its users, the medium’s guru Mark Zuckerberg smiled indulgently. However, Germany’s noted Frauenhofer Institute reached a similar conclusion. Their studies analysed results from 175 different internet services across 45 nations.

fakebook 1Google Trends offers the most respected analysis. Their findings disclose that Facebook faces catastrophic decline. “…within 36 months Facebook users will be back to 2008 levels.” Google Trends describes the loss of users as a ‘massive falloff.’ Their claim is that Facebook will ‘struggle to stay relevant to users’ lives’.

Facebook is not good at math. The forum is notorious for including lapsed subscribers when head counting. The network claims over one billion subscribers but these are not necessarily one billion users; those using the forum are likely a fraction of this figure.

Facebook is notorious for abruptly disabling accounts or imposing user bans for…

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