Former NYC Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, an “Independent” Candidate?

Its amusing is it not, the khazars/bankers friend wants the ripped-off people to vote for him?

The Ugly Truth

[Ariadna Note: One more “independent” Jew wants to be US President… Wouldn’t that be nice: get Trump out of the way, shove Hillary’s limp carcass to the side, and have a race between two “independent” Jews: Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg…]

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Considering a Run for the White House

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg is moving closer to a potential run for President.

Sources confirm to NY1 that Bloomberg is seriously considering an independent run for the White House.

As first reported in the New York Times, Bloomberg’s advisers are looking into what it would take to actually mount a campaign.

No decisions have been made but the former Mayor would likely have to enter the race by mid-March in order to satisfy ballot requirements.

The Iowa Caucuses, the first nominating contest of the race, will be held on February 1.

The political independent would…

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