Do the Illuminati Control the US Foreign Policy?

The Ugly Truth

jew illuminati“The Illuminati – mostly Christians but also some Muslims and a sprinkling of Jews – control the American foreign policy.”

[Ariadna Note: I read the title and the paragraph above to a friend and he did not laugh as I do when read this same statement made by some. I guess it’s not just the joke; it’s how you tell it too.

Who controls the US foreign policy is quantified and summarized below. Of course, some critics may argue that this analysis is biased by anti-semitism because it did not look at other possible common primary descriptors of the decision makers, like average height, baldness, corrective glasses/lenses or dietary habits.

No, scratch the last one. I just realized it might be some latent anti-semitism in me that made me think “kosher.”

Draw your own conclusions.]

Who Controls the Senate? 

 Of the twenty (20) U.S. Senate Committee chairmen, eight…

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