Alan Dershowitz Addresses Israel-haters

Worth a watch to listen to what god’s chosen people use to justify their brutality in Gaza and duplicitous activity in the middle east.

Oyia Brown

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2 thoughts on “Alan Dershowitz Addresses Israel-haters

  1. “A better record than Israel faced with comparable threats”?

    What are these threats? Who created these threats? Define the vague, nebulous “threats”?

    We are afraid? Afraid of what? Afraid of who?

    Once Alan Dershowitx clearly spells out the “threats”, we can start the analysis and comparison.

    Alan by ommision allows your assumptions to define what the adopters of judaism consider a threat.

    Existential, territorial, religious, ethnic, economic, genocidal? We will not presume to know what “comparable threats” he refers to.


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