The Treason Machine, How Israel and Turkey Nearly Burned Down the World in 2013

During 2012 and 2013, Turkish and Israeli groups, aided by rogue CIA and State Department contractors, backed by Intelligence Community Information Technology Enterprise — or ICITE (pronounced “eyesight”), a group totally penetrated and operated by Israeli intelligence, staged gas attacks in Syria killing thousands. Their purpose was to force President Obama to bomb Syria, opening the door for an ISIS drive on Damascus.


by Gordon Duff, Veterans Today: 

You see, ISIS is and always has been run by Israeli, Saudi and Turkish intelligence, aided by rogue contractors from the CIA and State Department and aided by Gulf States special forces trained by Dyncorp and L3 Corporation.

Our scan of today’s defense news items revealed an article by “Frank Konkel,” really no one at all, perhaps a useful idiot, obviously someone either uninformed or complicit in treason. We feature it below, but how it should really read is how it all…

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