The Jews Behind 23andMe and Family Tree DNA

News For The Blind

When considering purchasing a DNA test for the purpose of determining ethno-racial percentage estimates a couple of years ago, I spent time researching the different companies which I had gathered to be of some repute. The three I ended up with were 23andMeAncestryDNA, and Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). I never did end up buying one. I am glad that I did not and I am going to explain why you should not either, at least not solely for the purpose of thinking you will be given a straightforward, objective, scientific breakdown of your DNA from a racial perspective, because you will not be.

[Note: AncestryDNA was founded by Mormons. As of 2009, however, Ancestry became a publicly traded company and since 2013 has been owned by private “equity” firms and members of Ancestry’s management team.]

One reason not to buy a DNA test from any company for the purpose of determining data about meta-racial…

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