The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel

The Ugly Truth


I have been running Snippits and Snappits for over ten years now.  Over the years I invested many long hours in reproducing books and articles that I feared would eventually disappear, otherwise, from the Internet and, in several cases, I was correct. Just try to find Dave McGowan’s Laurel Canyon series complete, anywhere else.  Perhaps it might be a good idea to bring forth a few of these old pieces for reprint simply because they are significant, especially in retrospect since they were a major part of my learning curve.

When I posted this book by American Jew Jack Berenstein years ago, I was, like so many of you, still naive in so many regards and learned a lot although, of course, so many years later, I look at everything much more cynically when it comes to “our dear friends” aka the Tribe.  Please leave a note if the article…

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