Ex-Jewish banker Pedro Pablo Kuczynski sworn in as Peruvian president (NOT GOOD)

News For The Blind

LIMA, Peru (AFP) — Former Wall Street banker Pedro Pablo Kuczynski was inaugurated as Peru’s new president Thursday, vowing to kick-start the economy and unite a country torn by a photo-finish election.

The 77-year-old center-right economist extended an olive branch to defeated rival Keiko Fujimori’s party, which controls Congress, saying he would need their help to pass reforms.

And he promised to work for all Peruvians, outlining his vision for a “social revolution” in his inaugural address before Congress.

“I will seek equity, equality and fraternity among all Peruvians,” he said, vowing “not just economic, but human growth.”

The normally staid Kuczynski, who is known as a technocrat with a polished resume, choked up as he took the oath of office, then donned his new red-and-white presidential sash over his pinstriped suit.

Peru is one of Latin America’s fastest-growing economies, but growth slowed under outgoing leftist president Ollanta Humala, from…

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