Don’t You Feel Let Down?

News For The Blind

With …

  • prominent Truth-tellers, who can’t seem to even grasp the very basics of the jew deception and fall for the jewish trickery time and time again. (Putin is the good guy, Trump is our man, Sandy Hook shooting really happened, etc). These are people who we looked up to. Authors, radio hosts, political analysts, eminent writers – all of them have demonstrably failed us. Anything they say from now on just cannot be trusted.
  • the politicians, MPs, local councilors. These are the people we have entrusted. They promised us, yet lied…and lied and lied and lied. These are people who are supposed to be responsible for our society. But every single one of them has let us down – again and again and again.
  • doctors whose role in life is to actually make people better. These are people who should play a…

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